Lego Twin Towers shock visitors Brickfair 2011

Washington – At this years Brickfest there was a disaster/post-apocalypse theme. Among things like the Titanic and other tragic incidents that have been cleared for use in entertainment by the public hivemind, one of the dioramas showed the Twin Towers being exploded by terrorists.

Organiser Todd Webb decided to show off his creation: A brickbuild replica of the 9/11 attacks. A decade after the attacks, a portion of the public wasn’t to pleased to find it at the brick show though. It’s not like someone tried to knock it over with a Lego airplane, but visitors expecting to find toys where unpleasantly surprised to find it on their path.

Personally, I think Todd might have accidentally taken brickspression to the next level and created some pop-art  by juxaposing the playfulness of Lego and the seriousness of terrorist attacks. That’s something that might have gone over some peoples heads. You normally wouldn’t expect deep, serious themes at a fair for what is generally regarded a toy.