Babylonian Queen Nitetis’ message to the Germans

goldGermany supposedly has 3,400 tons of gold, but does it really have that amount? Where is all that gold held?

So just how much of that 3,400 tons do the German’s keep in germany? According to this only about 5%, or 170 tons. To put that in perspective that’s just over half the size of the UK’s meagre gold holdings. And a whopping 66% of all of Germany’s gold is at the NY Federal reserve.

So if it doesn’t have it in its own vaults, can it be said that the Germans own very much gold at all?

This situation reminds us of story of Babylonian Queen Nitetis. When she died she had a tomb made that was prominent in the city centre with the words:

“If one of the Kings after me lack money, let him open this tomb and take what he will. But let him not open it unless he need, for it shall be worse for him.”

Then came along King Darius who thought that it was a shame that money was being hoarded in the tomb of Nitetis. So he decided to open the tomb up and take back the riches.

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