Death Row

Sometimes the world moves fast. Real fast. In 2010 some leaders joined in for the Arab African Summit, in Sirte, Libya. No doubt Qadhafi invited the most influential leaders of the area in his big tent. Time for one of those kodac moments. Smile to the camera and say “cheese” fellow dictators!

Remember some of those 80′s moving endings? Those that have a montage at the end, with a text telling us what happened to the characters? Let’s do something like that here. One year later, and the people pictured have far less to smile about.


So, what happened afterward? Look at the front row, from left to right we see:

  • Ben Ali, Tunesia – Who ran away and was tried in absense.
  • Saleh, Yemen – His compound was attacked and left him wounded. He is now in Saudi Arabia, trying to recover.
  • Qadhafi, Libya – Missing and hiding out somewhere, while still (probably) remaining overly optimistic.
  • Mubarak, Egypt – Probably the first to fall. Has been sentenced and faces the death penalty.

That was some epic party you had there, Moammar!