About Totalitarïers

Born from a secret Facebook group, now open to the world to see, we are a group of news and popculture junkies interested in (showing how ridiculous) the way the world is run. By being even more ridiculous, sometimes.

Each blogger has their own special interests, but expect a mix of posts about politics, giant robots, finance, zombies, art and the impending apocalypse!

Your Totalitariers are:

AintSweetNoMoreAintSweetNoMore (1)
About the author:Growing up in a religious cult devoted to Strawberry Shortcake she had to fight for her freedom. Now she beats the drums of war in an effort to free mankind from it's bondage. If you have a problem that noone else can solve, and if you can find her, you may be able to hire her a-game.
ApocalypseApocalypse (19)
About the author:World news junkie with a special interest for the messed up things humans do, 80s pop culture and the coming apocalypse. Designer / artist / animator. Host of "Agenten van de Apocalyps", a show on Dutch radio about these very subjects.
God of the GroveGod of the Grove (32)
About the author: God of the Grove is a nihilistic, anarchistic parasite on society, hoping to bring down western civilisation through the dubious science of memetic engineering. Believing himself to be an independant "Mobile State" he strives to become a "post-human superman beyond co-dependant weaklings." A life of overexposure to popular culture colored him a little strange, often speaking in movie quotes and comparing things to games.
MarkusHahneMarkusHahne (4)
About the author: Markus is one of the last remaining classical liberal conservatives. Sadly, he was horribly disfigured in an accident involving a man-made gene-manipulating virus. Now lives a secluded life with his wife in a remote villa in the area around Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Mr. WolandMr. Woland (7)
Woland is the mysterious foreigner and professor whose visit to Moscow sets the plot rolling and turns the world upside-down. He appears differently to different people. "[t]he first says that the [he] was short, had gold teeth, and limped on the right foot. The second, that the man was of enormous height, had platinum crowns, and limped on the left foot. The third states laconically that the man had no special distinguishing characters." His demonic retinue, which includes witches, vampires, and a gigantic talking cat, his role in the plot, and the fact that Woland was used as a synonym for Satan in (now outdated) German all imply that he is, in fact, the Devil.
ptitzptitz (3)
About the author: A young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
StefmanovicStefmanovic (11)
About the author: Founder of the original (and top secret) Totalitariers group and writer for the new one. A lost academic who is forced to speak the corporate lingo. Fascinated with totalitarian politics, 80's/90's popular culture and science fiction. Plays with for little totalitarian troupe known as JUGEND.
Totalitarier MagnusTotalitarier Magnus (3)
The name Totalitariër Magnus is a Hommage to the Great Totalitariër in the sky whose presence is increasingly felt throughout the realms and hearts of humanity worldwide. Channeling and heralding this magnificent force of cosmic will and infinite creativity is a holy task which Totalitariër Magnus performs with unrelenting conviction and dedication.