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The name Totalitariër Magnus is a Hommage to the Great Totalitariër in the sky whose presence is increasingly felt throughout the realms and hearts of humanity worldwide. Channeling and heralding this magnificent force of cosmic will and infinite creativity is a holy task which Totalitariër Magnus performs with unrelenting conviction and dedication.

McFailed State US No 1. Export Product

Tripoli – Libyans all over Libya and Tripoli rejoiced as NATO anounced victory over the evil tyrant Moamar Kadaffi. People on the streets where anxious to welcome their new rulers. A local Libyan phrased it best: “Why settle for  a single autocrat who rapes pillages and plunders when one can be raped pillaged and plundered multiple times by multiple autocrats.”



First we control the Iphone camaras, then we control the Eyes

Appleville – In the twilight of capitalism appleism is set to be the new ism to rule the world. In these troubled times no one seems to head the wise words of Benjamin Franklin:  ”Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain coolness will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

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Van Damme responds to Alien threat and divulges abdominals

Aliens have been invading Hollywood and cinemas  with unrelenting determination. Humanity hasn’t been in so much peril since Will Smith saved us from Alien invasion back in 1996. Van Damme vowed to counter the Alien and look stunning while kick(box)ing their green asses.

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