Mom, where did those angry people pointing guns at us come from?

  The U.N attack in Nigeria, qualified as ‘an attack on the world”  is only the last lassie to join the dance in a row of unpopular popular acts world wide. Some of forms of  insurrections get a green light and are supported by the public opinion, some aren’t. The nasty kids either don’t get proportional news coverage  ( see protests in Israel) or are labeled as Islamic terrorists (when possible) and there for excluded from a political point of view.

Although the talk back in the civilized world’ revolved around responsible investment and partnership with the African countries for a sustainable development and mutual benefits, that discourse seems just a calming pep talk. Well, since the general public is comfortably dreaming of Eco-fuels and fair businesses and eating nationalist discourse about how their forefathers worked hard to build the nation’s wealth, the following facts aren’t going to disturb them.

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Spain resists visit Lord of Darkness

Thousands of Spaniards have rebelled against their government’s insistence of paying for the visit of  Lord Palpatine the Pope. The representative of the dark side God is coming to Spain to bolster the waning popularity of his religion.

A young student from Mexico was earlier arrested for planning a gas attack on the crowd protesting against the coming of the Dark Lord.