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The Blame

Metropolis – Nietzsche tried to teach us the Superman and to surpass our human limitations. It took a refuge from Krypton to achieve that very goal, however. Normal humans like you are still stuck in blaming others for their misfortune. Weak. But, this is earth, not Krypton, so even Superman is allowed to cut corners, sometimes.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is a humorous webcomic by Zach Weiner. SMBC is “at heart a geek comic, but it nevertheless addresses a broad range of topics, such as love, relationships, economics, politics, religion, science, and philosophy.” It has been featured on a variety of websites and blogs, including The Economist, Boing Boing, Bad Astronomy and Joystiq. It is published daily, and has few recurring characters.

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Superman – Red Son

What if Superman crashed into the Soviet Union rather than Smallville? I so need to get my hands on that comic…